Monday, August 24, 2015

Some News!!!

I have not been blogging for a long time. I just feel I am too busy or too tired to blog after spending all day on the Computer at work. But lets be honest. We make time for things that are important to us. I just need to make blogging a priority again in my life, because I really enjoy it. I have a lot to say, although it might be meaningless to every one but myself. That being said, I guess we best dive right in.

I have news on the Career. I have been accepted into the Leadership program offered  by my Employer. This will qualify me to move up the Career Ladder after completion should I so desire, and of course, if a position is available. I am really looking forward to learning something new, meeting new people, and networking some.

On the Healthy Living, I have been walking more. I mean a lot more. I usually got about 5000 steps in daily, now I am walking an average of 10000 steps daily. You may wonder, how did all this come about? Well, my hospital system has adopted the Walk with a Doc program. A doctor from our system has started to get together a group of people every Saturday morning for an one hour walk around town. I went in hopes to meet new like minded people. I did not expect every one to be in top form.  I went there, and I was the fat one. Secretly I was hoping that maybe someone bigger than me would be there, and I could just attach myself to them, and walk at a slower pace. But no, I was the one. Once the realization hit, I wondered how this happened. So for the first half hour of the walk I was mentally beating myself up for letting myself get there. But then my inner warrior came out, and I decided that this is it, and I am getting serious about doing something about that. So I am consistently walking every day at lunch break, and then again on the treadmill at home. My goal is 10000 steps daily, because that is the recommended step count for leading an active life. I have not lost weight, and a lot of that has to do with me not having adjusted my diet yet, but nonetheless, I feel better for it.

Off course all the walking does not leave much time for sitting at the sewing machine, but I still finished a quilt last month. It is a Quilt in a Day pattern, and took be about 2 years to sew. Then my wonderful friend, Carolyn, machine quilted it for me. I just love the wonderful job she did on it.

Now knitting comes a little easier, but that is the nature of the beast. Knitting is just more portable, and easier to take to the porch swing on a nice Summer evening. So for the past few weeks, when I had time I worked on my Vest. I used Berrocco yarn and a DROPS pattern.

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