Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pillow Cases for Charity

These are the Pillow Cases I made for this years Quilt Retreat. Every year we collect Pillow Cases for a charity at the Quilt Retreat, this year I decided to be part of it, and this is my contribution.

This year I will take my blue and white swap blocks with me and get the top sewn. I will also take my Beach themed quilt with me. I have a purse cut out that I hope to complete. I will also take my jelly rolls with me and see if I will be able to start on the radiant star quilt this time around. If not that is OK, at least I will have some projects I have completed and progressed on. I don't plan on buying any fabric this year, but if something jumps out at me, of course I will give it a home. But I really need to use the fabric I have here at the house. There is no point in having this beautiful fabric lay in totes rather than on beds and sofas.