Wednesday, May 16, 2012

These are some of the things that make me tick, or tick me off

I decided to take the whole WeightWatchers thing a little more serious. I started to do WeightWatchers online a few weeks ago. I have some days where I do really well, and then a week or so, where I just don't care. So I will work hard to make this work for me, and to exercise as recommended. Because the truth is, this program really works, but only for those who work the program. So I will be on the treadmill in a little while. Because not only do I have a hard time with eating the right stuff in the right amounts, but I also don't exercise like I should. Clicking the remote control button does not qualify.

My little time schedule seems to work, at least for the school stuff. I have all my Transcriptions finished. I am dividing my craft time between the different crafts, and therefore no finished products.

What ticks me off, is when there is a separate set of rules for people in the same position. I have asked before in school for phlebotomy if we can take home needles to practice, and got a big old NO. Then I asked if I can practice and have a professional sign off on my sticks. Once again I got a big old NO. But then a girl in my class, who is really bad at it, and can seriously hurt people (I know first hand, she stuck me, and it hurt for 4 days), gets to take home needles to practice. Now what is the requirement to have the rules bent for one. I guess, since I am not too bad at phlebotomy I get a big no, and the people that really suck at it, get let lose on the population with sharp needles. No, I really wonder why there are different rules for people in the same situation. Maybe I need to start crying in class because I can't hack it, and then people will feel sorry for me too, and they bend the rules to my needs. Not going to happen, I never seem to get special treatment, and extra help.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Little Bit Of Everything

This has been quite a week, or rather 2 weeks. I will start you all out on new about my schooling. My two favorite teachers have taken a break, and we were stuck with the not so favorite one. Needless to say, things have not been going as well as expected. We wasted a lot of valuable classroom time, and did not get anything accomplished. To boot it all, this week was mid-term week. It was not as easy and enjoyable as usually, because we were just not prepared for it. But the good news is, the two favorite teachers are back, and we have only 5 1/2 weeks left in the quarter.

I also have news about my future. I got a job at the hospital I wanted to work in after school. I will be working in Transport right now, until I am done with school, and then try to get hired in-house into one of the jobs I am training for. But this is a major step, because I now have my foot in the door, and get preferred consideration for the jobs I can bid in.

In the knitting part of life. I am sorry, there is just not much to say, I have not spend much time with my needles. I would have great ideas about things I would love to make, but I have too many UFOs (Unfinished Fiber Objects) to finish. I would just feel way too guilty starting yet another one. I have to get back to my projects, I just seem to be unable to manage my time wisely.

Quilting wise, I have no finish as of yet. I have my Log Cabin quilt I started years ago currently laying next to my sewing machine. All the blocks are finished and need assembly. I also have a few quilts that need to be loaded into the quilt frame. Two quilts need to have the hand quilting finished. Once again, my time management skills need improvement.

Crochet related, I have actually only one project in the works, but am eyeing a few others already. I am working on an Afghan for my daughter which has blocks made with hearts in them. I am about half way there, and need to get it done before she will leave me for College in August. Other than that I saw a lovely little throw on facebook today, that a friend of mine shared. I think it is one of those must-make items. I also have a lot of crochet cotton that my MIL gave me, and I am looking for a nice pattern to make a few doilies out of, and actually plan on giving them to her than as a thank you for the thread.

Time management!!! This is a very sore point right now. I am trying to improve that big time. I am employing a timer now. I got the idea from reading my friend Mags' blog, . She has the great idea to spend 30 min every day in her quilt studio. Since I have homework and such, my plan is, to spend 60 min each day catching up on my transcription, and homework. 30 min each day on one of my hobbies, 30 min on exercise. This should help me get stuff moving in each category.

Well, playtime is over and I better get going on my plans for the afternoon. I will try to check in with you all again soon, and let you know how it all went down.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bow Tucks Tote

This is my Bow Tucks Tote by Penny Sturges. Yes, I am back to quilting, and posting. Actually I was never away from quilting, I just never finished a project to post about. I have been on a Quilt Retreat last weekend, and picked up the pattern for this Tote, since I am in sewing mojo mode I made it this weekend. The pattern is very easy to follow, and rewarding to make. On the schooling subject, I am half way through my third quarter. Yes this quarter is hard, but also easier than the other, since I don't have quizzes every day anymore. This is giving me more time for other things, like sewing, or hunting. Even a job. I got hired by the place I wanted to work at, and am very excited about the opportunity, although it is not in the job I am studying for. I originally wanted to wait until I was done with school, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up. So I took the job, and once I am done with school I will bid into the job I am training for. Yes, you read right, I am hunting. I went turkey hunting with my dear Husband this morning. It was very nice. The weather was great for it. It was overcast, and a little cooler. We spent all morning calling Turkey's in. At about 10am I finally had a shot at a nice Tom, and missed him. But I think I ruffled his feathers a little, because he left me 2 wing feathers as a souvenir behind. Oh well, he was so beautiful, and fun to watch, he will strut another day. Perhaps he will strut for me again next time I take the gun out.