Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Today is a New Year, and we are turning over a new leaf. A new year is always full of hope and dreams, and opportunities. I will refrain from making resolutions I know I will not be able to hold for more than 3 days. But I like to pick a theme for my new year.


I have been struggling with keeping a healthy balance between work, home, family, and me. I think it all comes down to not being organized enough to effectively manage my time. So I will organize my priorities, organize my time, organize my home more, and I will see if it helps me to have more balance. Clutter, no matter in what form it comes, is keeping me off balance. I figured out, if I let go of some clutter in different areas of my life, I can have more balance.

Today I will relax, and spend some time deciding what I can let go of, and start taking steps to a more organized life. Off course this is not a quick process, but will require time, and an attitude adjustment.