Sunday, August 30, 2015

Feeling Inspired!!!

I am feeling very inspired to create. I attribute this feeling to two things that happened to me. First off, I checked my Calendar and realized I have 10 days until I am going to Quilt Retreat, and the thought of spending a long weekend quilting, talking, and creating with my friends just sparks creativity in me. It also motivates me to create. The second thing is, I talked to my very good friend, Carolyn. It seems it does not matter what we talk about, but time spent talking with her always gets me into the creative mood. In this last case we just caught up on our families and each other job happenings.  But for some reason, this made me think up some things I want to knit and quilt.

This time  around I thought I would take some pre-retreat pictures.

Above you see the first sock of my current knitting project. The patter is called Bird walk and you  can find the pattern on I bought the yarn on one of my recent trips to Jacksonville, Florida, when I visited my daughter. The coloration just reminds me on the different shades of the ocean when you stand at the end of the Pier and see for a vast distance. I started on the second sock this morning, and hopefully will get that done this week.

This is one of my projects I will take to retreat. I had this purse cut out and ready to go for quite a while. But I am determined that it will be the first project I will work in this retreat. I need a new purse, and this has nice fall colors, just in time for the changing season.

This project is a Block of the Months by Pat Sloan. It is called Vacation Time and the pattern is available on her blog. I am a little bit behind, but that is quite alright, I have the pattern instructions saved on my lab top, and will be able to catch up on this at retreat. I think this might be my second project, because I am not sure when the block exchange will be, and that might make the exchange my last project.

These are my exchange blocks for the fall exchange we agreed on last year. There are 12 of us participating. So I came up with a design to assemble the top in, and that would be on-point. I cut out the other fabric that I will need for this quilt, and hope that I will be able to get it all pieced together on that long weekend. The finished quilt will be a Queen sized quilt, and I will have to ask Carolyn to quilt it for me, because my frame will not be large enough for it. I really have to learn a quilt as you go method. But not on this project, but it is a future goal.

Now of course I still have to plan on what clothing to pack, and what kind of food I would like to make for retreat. But I have until Friday to figure that out, that is when it is my grocery shopping day and I have to be decided on what groceries I need to buy. Next week I will keep checking on the weather in Berlin, OH, and see what kind of clothing I need to pack for my trip. Knowing the Ohio Amish Country, layers will be my best friend.

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