Sunday, September 13, 2015

Return from Quilt Retreat

Of course I have not made any progress in knitting. All my focus was on quilting this week as I was at a Quilt Retreat in the Ohio Amish Country the past 5 days. I had such a great time, and it was just what I needed to rejuvenate, and get my creativity back. I also made some new friends, which I am very happy about. You can never have too many friends just too bad that they are not living close by, and our main communication source will be via Internet. But the good thing is, we made plans to see each other again in a few months. I am already looking forward to it.

If you look back 2 weeks you will see the before pictures of my Retreat Projects. Below you see that I finally caught up with Pat Sloan's Vacation Time BOM she is hosting on her Blog. I am looking forward to next months direction on how to put it all together. The picture is a little dark, and I do not know why, because I did use a flash. However, I used Batiks and for the background fabric I stuck with white on white, because I think it makes the Batiks really shine. Besides, for a Vacation Time quilt I thought bright would be quite appropriate.

I also finished my purse. You saw the supplies all cut up in a Zip Lock bag, and that is where they have been for about 2 years. I toted it around with me from Retreat to Retreat, but then always found something that interested me more, and so it just never was finished. But this retreat I made it my first priority before I could get side tracked again. I think it turned out nice.

I do not have a picture of the Block Exchange blocks yet. Although I worked on it, I did not have time to complete it. So I will post pictures when I get it completed, however that might be a little while.

Now my little Holiday is over, and I have to return to work. I am not really looking forward to it, because it sucks the life out of me and kills my creative streak. But I have started the Leadership program at work, and hope that a position will open up soon. Currently I can not bid into another job, because I will be stuck for 12 months there until I can bid out. Right now I just want to be available and ready to bid into a job when it becomes available, and not miss an opportunity should it present itself. So, nose to the grind stone, and dream of better days.

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